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We work as a startup keeping our extensive background

We are agile, flexible, creative
and close


We want to make what seems complicated

We believe that the way to work is from flexibility, closeness, rigor, commitment and honesty

We want to help build relevant strategic projects

At our core is strategy and implementation


I wanted to contribute my experience but also a special way of doing

I like the complexity of organizations and their potential, as well as participating in projects that come true, are innovative and collaborative . 

And we are getting there...step by step


I could have never imagined gotten this far if it wasn’t for the support of many people who have given me encouragement, support and have trusted us



There is an idea that has always accompanied me, especially in difficult moments
''Go forward, something new could happen ''

María José Bultó López

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Rafael Torres Saenz de Santa Maria
Director of Aeronautical Business and Digital Administration at INECO

Angel Mahou
General Director of Transportation at Red Eléctrica

»I know Maria José, and have worked with her for a long time. She is a very great professional, an excellent director and with exceptional sensitivity and capacity for innovation. I would highlight her organizational skills, the great balance between firmness, determination, rigor, joy and sensitivity, which is very difficult to find, her optimism and, above all, that she is a great person »

Rodolfo Dominguez
Commercial Director RTVE at TVE

»From the first moment, I was struck by his ability  to listen, his meticulous order and his agility to analyze and resolve conflicts diligently. When he accepted the challenge of taking over the Directorate of Strategy, Digital Transformation and Marketing  In TVE my recognition and admiration was total, I discovered other aptitudes of his: his creativity, his innovation and his business orientation, ability to lead teams and manage and structure complex projects. After thirty-five years in the Commercial Directorate of RTVE and twenty as a Manager, I assure you that one of the personal and professional luxuries I have had has been to be able to learn from María José. When you come across a person of his category, he enriches you personally and professionally; a guarantee of success and efficiency »

Carlos Moreno Alonso
CIO at Vodafone Italia

»I have great memories of his talent, energy, and teamwork. Maria Jose gave that adventure a dynamic of collaboration and "lateral" thinking, which I have never seen repeated afterwards. I will add that she has an excellent character, always ready to listen, and under that small aspect, she is very decisive and knows how to make difficult decisions. "

Carlos Echalecu
CFO & Founder at DIVE

”When you start interacting with a person in a meeting and you realize who the person is that makes things happen; A person with great determination, very executive, with a great innovative vision and creativity when looking for solutions. "

»I had the opportunity to work very closely with her. Its strategic vision, results orientation and ascending on the organization stand out, being executive, decisive and very tenacious. Excellent attitude towards work, capable of creating a work environment where problems become challenges. "

Álvaro Pérez Alcaide
Head of Compensation & Organization at CEU

Juan Andrés Gallego Duran
Director General at MPC

»I worked with María José on several TVE projects, she being our client. She would highlight her organizational skills, her strategic vision and her exquisite treatment. He solved every barrier that arose in each process until he made each project a reality. It gives creative freedom to the agency, always offering constructive feedback that added value. In addition, it is capable of agreeing and unifying different points of view so that all parties contribute to the same project, with the great complication of carrying it out in such large organizations and with different sensitivities. Definitely an admirable professional and with whom, both process and result, become interesting challenges. "

»  María José is a born leader. A leader with UPPER CASE.  For many reasons. I would highlight your  Strategic vision, which allows you to see beyond and anticipate how market trends and the organization itself will evolve, and thus be able to propose and develop new ways of doing things. Is  tremendously creative,  providing solutions  Y  approaches  absolutely  innovative,  that generate a clear competitive advantage. As a manager you combine a  high demand with a great ability to motivate and get the best out of your team, also generating an ideal working environment to work. Finally, I would also highlight its  enormous capacity for transformation and adaptation  which has led him to occupy positions of high responsibility in different companies, sectors and functional areas. This is not by chance but talent. I think it is really difficult to find a person with these characteristics,  with an energy that makes him overcome any obstacle and, furthermore, with an admirable human quality "

»I can only say that she is a professional that, unfortunately, you find few in your professional life. Is a  top-level manager, who  knows how to combine the ability to lead projects and make them work, and something very important,  making those involved in them enthusiastically involved to achieve the objectives set. It is important to note that  María José is an expert in creating a good climate, she cares both what and how, she worries about generating similar environments, who show enormous involvement in achieving success.  Working with María José in different settings has always been a positive experience,  Her different vision of things, her great ability to manage, organize and get directly involved in the particularities of the projects, down to the smallest detail, have always been a plus for those of us who have been able to share different challenges with her. "

Pablo Neira
Alcobendas Sport Gestion SL

Elena Gil Valentin
Deputy Director of Contracting, investments and purchases at Correos

»The passion and perfection that she puts into her work makes her a  fast person, with determination and with great orientation to the result. Enjoy together with a  innovative and creative mind  that combined with her other personal and managerial qualities make her a professional who  When you work with it, it becomes without thinking that “benchmark of success”.  It "leaves a good mark" wherever it goes. ''

Monica Lauda Corchón
Deputy Director of Training and Talent Management at INECO, ICP-TAL Agile

»Without a doubt it has been and is for me a great personal and professional reference. She is an excellent directive, radiating intelligence, creativity, energy and  decision to take on challenges and  achieve the objectives you set. She is tremendously inspiring and a born leader, with a strong influence on the teams she manages and in her professional environment. I would also highlight their enthusiasm, curiosity, commitment as well as their values and impeccable professional ethics. It creates harmonious and demanding work environments, making people and organizations grow. ''

»He has always stood out for his professionalism, empathy and great creative talent. 
He has faced very delicate situations that he has always resolved by combining the opinions and criteria of others ''

Francisco Olmedo Lucerón
Account Director ENAIRE at INECO

Jose Luis Encinas Carpizo
CEO, AGE Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

»I have shared, with María José, a PDG at IESE and several work projects in other companies. I would like to highlight your great strategic vision in different sectors, companies and positions. A versatility, versatility, work capacity and resolution that very few people have. An efficient, committed, honest, diligent manager with an enviable ability to develop innovative and complex new projects. "

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